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Scott Drickey Photography

Still Life | Animating the Inanimate

January 6, 2017 | Photo

Still life is one of my specialties in that I have the opportunity to style what I shoot. One of my “Guilty Pleasures” is listening to an object- finding or fabricating background elements for conceptual shots. Lighting plays a paramount role in complimenting still life but shouldn’t dictate the approach. Glenn White is a drummer and fashion designer whose launching a new line, DRMHDFLY, focusing on new trends in “Hip Hop Culture” such as the snap back trucker’s cap and scoop cut shirt. He brought the clothes and accessories down to the studio and hung them on the rack. My initial reaction was to contrast- breaking away from traditional street wear imagery creating what I consider “Objects Of Desire” with high key lighting, styling sculptural forms and auditioning props that have a playful sophistication. Ultimately Glenn gave me complete creative freedom, which is a trust that I respect and rare. I organize my work by deciding which items lend themselves to props then shooting the largest objects first down to the smallest to work efficiently. Still Life is inherently very staged so I like to shoot a set up then reset breaking it apart- moving it in different directions to see perspectives I may not have retentively taken into consideration. Glenn said he’s excited moving forward to the next step producing his line, which is the best compliment I could receive. I’m passionate about every aspect of what I’m fortunate to do so- letting inspiration find me and seeking it. I left Glenn with an idea of shooting a Caucasian blonde girl with intricate big volume braids against a really simple background to show how clothes fit and feel. He’s down with it and we’ll move on.









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