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Scott Drickey Photography

Fashion Vignette | Carli B | Develop Models

October 14, 2017 | Photo

Directed and styled short fashion spot with Carli B. with Develop Models. Pulled palette of clothes from Pretty in Patina. She forgot more about what’s bad for her than you know.

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Safety Pin Movement | You’re Safe With Me.

October 9, 2017 | Photo

”You’re safe with me” –
Billy W Day defends battered women. I met him on the street wearing a safety pin. He doesn’t talk much but I know his stories from asking the pin. He’s actively committed to a movement. His phone rang at least four times while shooting in the studio. Billy had to bounce. People rely on him.

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The Struggle is Real | GenZ

September 18, 2017 | Personal Projects








The struggle is real. #GenZ is on deck and will deal with how cultural condition has changed their world. ”Part of activism is to fuck with a system that is learned. It’s not beautiful”- Monica Mirabile for #Humanly
I’m working on a personal project that could help find the generation their voice. Their struggle owning who they are is palpable. Lately, my approach to fashion and beauty has been deconstructing fundamentals, creating un-beauty or “Rogue vogue”.

“Stop living in some else’s dream and write you song”. -yours.

“Drive the stakes in the road you’ll walk on”. – yours




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Fall Fashion | September Issue | l’uomo mode & vêtements pour femmes

August 30, 2017 | Photo


I found this project in front of me while exploring new fall menswear and women’s cosmetics. September has historically been a look into style. I can remember anxiously waiting for the magazines to hit the stands in my youth.

My goal was to “Let Go” and let the clothes and styling dictate the stories as they should. There are fashion photographers and photographers who photograph fashion. I’m the latter but respect fundamentals impressed on me by fashion editors.

Pre Production began by pulling clothes at Grae Clothing and pre visualizing a de constructed non-traditional beauty approach. Casting Alex Priest, a CrossFit curator, at a contemporary art center just made sense- he fit the look I was after. I carefully selected two women from Develop Models with delicious red hair and skin kissed with freckles. One was to be shot with abstract makeup and an irreverent attitude. The other had to have this natural more traditional beauty wearing almost no makeup. I mixed continuous HMI and strobe to grab a graphic irreverent attitude to Nicole’s condition. Breanna’s approach is naturally curious and inspired movement with continuous HMI lighting to imbue a painterly quality.

Challenges always arise and on shoot day one model and makeup artist didn’t show. You have to stay cool and resolve the issue. Both girls worked under my direction well.

The reaction has been positive. My approach to my work is getting noticed by editorial and advertising clients that I want to work with.

My favorite part of any project is the subtle build of excitement as you see what you pre visualize come together with the team. It’s especially rewarding when the models are excited about the work while I don’t even know what I’m looking at anymore.

I’m entering the project into a few relevant contests and getting them in front of fashion editors.

I would say to anyone creative, let go and find a stopping point. And if you like what you’ve done you failed.


Rag&Bone Shawl Collar Grey with Alex Mill Gloves Cashmere

James Perse Grey V Neck Heather Grey with AG Tells Modern Slim Super Black pants

Jack Spade Camo Sport Coat with Rag&Bone Denim Jeans in studio located in Omaha, Nebraska.



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Reel | Moving Pictures

June 8, 2017 | Motion

My reel project is a moving image spot that is challenging to cut. That said, I encourage all DP | Directors to experience post editorial to understand the beat and motivation of camera moves. I begin by pulling clips from my most recent projects that I find relevant to my point of view while considering potential client’s perception of production depth. The goal of cutting a new reel is to keep my perspective in front of people. Each project I shoot, either for a client or personal work, convey’s my passion, what I’m good at, and my tireless work ethic. Sound is half of your picture so the overall reel planning begins by a beat. Once I get a feel for it I lay it down in the sequence and begin inserting clips that play well with the track. The two skateboarding spots featuring Jeff Fowler were originally intended for a 6:00 min music video. During pre-production, I scouted three locations and carefully choreographed the actual tricks and movement of the camera. The police were made aware and make a decision to shoot on a Sunday to avoid a lot of pedestrian traffic. The biggest challenge in cutting a reel is eliminating shots that you love but don’t play well with the overall beat of the spot to hit a predetermined length. The idea is to keep the viewer interested in watching all of it. Regarding the skateboarding spots, operating a drone with a professional pilot while I’m operating the camera moves with video assist in sync with each other can be difficult. That’s why storyboarding and choreography in pre-production are paramount. I had to know where the camera and Jeff, the skater, needed to be with respect to timing. For some of the immersive shots, I chase skated along with Jeff’s runs. The wind became a factor with gusts up to 25mph so some of the scripted shots were improvised. The long-form spot played better to cut two  60 sec spots, one about skating technique and one about the lifestyle of youth culture with a “Summer Loving” vibe. I’m my own worst critic and believe you’re only as good as your last shot. The reaction has been positive and has put me in front of art buyers, direct company marketing directors, and some really cool people. That’s where I feel most comfortable. My favorite part of these projects is approving the final cut and looking forward to new inspiration. I feel privileged in getting to know each subject and maintaining a relationship with them. Being awarded a project, especially from a spot you shot a while ago after looking it from a different perspective is pretty great and keeps you moving. I’m currently custom printing a new folio to show along with the new reels. I’m excited to keep the rhythm going with youth culture lifestyle.

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